Weigela TOWERS OF FLOWERS® Apple Blossom = ‘WG16-02’

Genus & Species: Weigela x hybrida (Code: VPWG16-02)
Protection Status: Rights Asserted.
Origin: UK
USDA Zone: Estimated USDA Zone 6. (-10°F or -23°C).
Bloom: Large shell pink flowers pink. Flowers are formed in clusters and open all together along the entire stem, not just the terminal shoots.
Bloom Period: Full bloom (3 weeks to 1 month) during late spring – partial bloom during summer.
Foliage: Medium green leaves.
Habit: Very narrow columnar habit, 48”- x 24”.
Propagation: Softwood cuttings. License required for propagation.
Culture: Full sun to partial shade, moderately fertile well-drained soil.
Additional Comments: Unique columnar look, flowering on entire stem. Great for small yards and color in the landscape.
Uses: Landscape specimen, Containers, and mass landscape planting.

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