About PlantHaven

PlantHaven® International, Inc was founded by Geoff and Maureen Needham in January 1997 in response to a growing demand from plant breeders for good advice and representation in the North American market and was recently purchased by Robert and Jeanette Bett in August 2021. We are an independent agency assisting plant breeders worldwide in bringing their new plant varieties to market. Through careful guidance, PlantHaven has nurtured many breeder relationships offering advice and service in market research, performance trials, and patent protection.

Our overall objective is to help the industry perceive the superiority and profitability of a PlantHaven-managed plant. Our cultivars undergo nationwide testing and trialing ensuring consistency and plant-worthiness in our different climate zones. We have developed systems and methods allowing us to assemble a unique set of significant new plants for the garden and landscape markets. The reputations of the plants work to support each other. For PlantHaven, the plant itself has always been the primary focus. PlantHaven does not breed or grow plants or have any financial interest in any breeding program or nursery. Our revenue arises directly as a commission on royalties. Our clients include independent breeders, breeding companies, and universities. Our goal is to maximize the market potential of a plant over the life of the patent.

PlantHaven successfully matches the appropriate growers with specific plants in various climate zones to promote the best growing environment for each cultivar. The company manages approximately 100 nursery licensees in the United States and represents its breeder clients in the Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation.

In addition, PlantHaven sets up and manages agreements for secure testing of new varieties and for variety protection through Plant Breeders Rights and U.S. plant patents. We have built an impressive portfolio offering more than 700 new varieties from more than 80 genera in commercial and landscape evaluation trials at appropriate locations in North America. And, we collaborate with like businesses internationally toward the goal of simultaneous worldwide new variety testing, protection, and marketing.

PlantHaven International is a proud member of the following organizations: