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Active Plant Patents

Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’ PP16,988
Abelia ‘Mardi Gras’ PP15,203
Abelia ‘Radiance’ PP21,929
Abutilon LUCKY LANTERN™ Red = ‘Nuabred’ PP25,443
Abutilon LUCKY LANTERN™  Tangerine = ‘Nuabtang’ PP28,893
Abutilon PATIO LANTERN™ Passion = ‘Nuabpas’ PP28,142
Agapanthus ‘Neverland’ PP28,034
Agastache ‘Heatwave’ PP19,662
Ajuga WALBERTON’S® ‘Black Scallop’ PP15,815
Ajuga WALBERTON’S® Party Colors = ‘Binparcol’ PP20,293
Ajuga WALBERTON’S® Sugar Plum = ‘Binsugplu’ PP21,586
Artemisia ‘Oriental Limelight’ = ‘Janlim’ PP12,788
Aruncus ‘Misty Lace’ PP15,798
Azalea WALBERTON’S® Pink Ruffles = ‘Walpinruf’ PPAF
Azalea WALBERTON’S® Snowy Ruffles = ‘Walsnowruf’ PPAF
Berberis ‘Admiration’ PP16,921
Berberis ‘Golden Rocket’ PP18,626
Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’ PP18,411
Berberis ‘Rosy Rocket’ PP18,413
Berberis ‘Tiny Gold’ PP17,084
Bergenia ‘Merry Bells’ PPAF
Bidens CUPCAKE™ Banana Cream = ‘Tmbi 1105’ PP28,161
Buddleia ‘Santana’ PP12,383
Buxus Golden Dream  = ‘Peergold’ PP16,052
Buxus Uptight = ‘Robbuxupt’ PP21,390
Camellia ‘Classic Pink’ PP16,547
Campsis Tango = ‘Huitan’ PP16,656
Canna Fire Dragon PP26,517
Caryopteris ‘First Choice’ PP11,958
Caryopteris ‘Gold Giant’ PP22,175
Caryopteris Hint of Gold = ‘Lisaura’ PP20,608
Caryopteris Sterling Silver = ‘Lissilv’ PP22,474
Caryopteris ‘White Surprise’ PP21,146
Ceanothus El Dorado = ‘Perado’ PP13,433
Ceanothus Silver Surprise = ‘Brass’ PP14,566
Ceratostigma ‘My Love’ PP19,269
Cercis ‘Ace of Hearts’ PP17,161
Cercis ‘Hearts of Gold’ PP17,740
Cercis ‘Little Woody’ PP15,854
Cercis ‘Merlot’ PP22,297
Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’ PP22,097
Cercis ‘Whitewater’ PP23,998
Cistus Little Miss Sunshine = ‘Dunnecis’ PP22,364
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Aloha’ PPAF
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Black Coral’ PP23,896
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Blue Hawaii’ PP20,003
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Diamond Head’ PP 19,939
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hawaiian Eye’ PP19,884
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hawaiian Punch’ PP24,596
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hilo Bay’ PP20,108
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Kona Coffee’ PP22,420
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Maui Gold’ PP24,482
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Maui Magic’ PP19,625
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Maui Sunrise’ Right Asserted
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Morning Dew’ PPAF
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Pineapple Princess’ PP20,982
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Tropical Storm’ PP28,567
Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘White Lava’ PP24,481
Convolvulus ‘Moroccan Beauty’ PP15,104
Coreopsis WALBERTON’S® Flying Saucers = ‘Walcoreop’ PP10,299
Cornus ‘Summer Gold’ PP22,765
Cornus ‘Tri-Splendor’ PP20,008
Corydalis HILLIER™ ‘Porcelain Blue” PPAF
Cotinus Golden Spirit = ‘Ancot’ PP13,082
Crocosmia WALBERTON’S® Bright Eyes = ‘Walbreyes’ PP17,165
Cuphea ‘Flamenco Cha Cha’ PP20,300
Cuphea ‘Flamenco Rumba’ PP17,213
Cuphea ‘Flamenco Samba’ PP17,823
Cuphea ‘Flamenco Tango’ PP17,285
Cupressocyparis Shorty = ‘Reco’ PP19,618
Dahlia Mystic Desire = ‘Scarlet Fern’ PP18,989
Dahlia Mystic Dreamer = ‘Zone Ten’ PP19,885
Dahlia Mystic Enchantment = ‘Another Pet’ PP23,332
Dahlia Mystic Haze = ‘Dark Side of the Sun’ PP23,501
Dahlia Mystic Illusion = ‘Knockout’ PP18,839
Dahlia Mystic Sparkler = ‘Sparkler’ PP28,741
Dahlia Mystic Spirit = ‘Best Bett’ PP20,954
Dahlia ‘Mystic Wizard’ PPAF
Dahlia Mystic Wonder = ‘Velvet’ PP24,397
Dahlia PAINTER™ ‘Berry Impressions’ PPAF
Dahlia PAINTER™ ‘Pink Kisses’ PPAF
Dahlia PAINTER™ ‘Romantic France’ PPAF
Dahlia PAINTER™ ‘Sunfire’ PPAF
Daphne Eternal Fragrance = ‘Blafra’ PP18,361
Daphne Rebecca = ‘Hewreb’ PP18,368
Dianthus AMERICAN PIE® Bumbleberry Pie = ‘Wp15 Pie54’ PP30,245
Dianthus AMERICAN PIE® Georgia Peach Pie = ‘Wp15 Pie45’ PP29,900
Dianthus AMERICAN PIE® Key Lime Pie = ‘Wp15 Pie41’ PP29,834
Dianthus Desert ‘Cranberry Ice’ PP18,342
Dianthus Desert ‘Strawberry Sorbet’ PP18,338
Dianthus DEVON COTTAGE™ Blushing Maiden  = ‘Valda Judith’ PP13,914
Dianthus DEVON COTTAGE™ Bright Eyes = ‘Wp07 ame02’ PP20,628
Dianthus DEVON COTTAGE™ Rosy Cheeks = ‘Valda Louise’ PP14,045
Dianthus DEVON COTTAGE™ Ruby`s Tuesday = ‘Valda Kitty’ PP13,872
Dianthus DEVON COTTAGE™ Fancy Knickers = ‘Valda Isolde’ PP13,915
Dianthus DEVON COTTAGE™ ‘Waterloo Sunset’ PP21,080
Dianthus EARLY BIRD™ Chili = ‘Wp10 Sab06’ PP24,363
Dianthus EARLY BIRD™ Fizzy = ‘Wp08 Ver03’ PP21,394
Dianthus EARLY BIRD™ Frilly = ‘Wp08 Ulr03’ PP21,396
Dianthus EARLY BIRD™ Frosty = ‘Wp10 Ven06’ PP23,894
Dianthus EARLY BIRD™ Radiance = ‘Wp09 Mar05’ PP21,824
Dianthus EARLY BIRD™ Sherbet = ‘Wp08 Nik03’ PP21,418
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Pot Coconut Surprise = ‘WP05 Yves’ PP18,828
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Pot Coral Reef = ‘Wp07 Oldrice’ PP19,660
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Pot Eternity = ‘WP05 PP22’ PP21,395
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Pot Raspberry Surprise = ‘Devon Yolande’ PP16,029
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Pot Tickled Pink = ‘PP11’ PP14,919
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Tall Candy Floss = ‘Devon Flavia’ PP15,903
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Tall Memories = ‘WP11 GWE04’ PP25,027
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Tall Passion = ‘WP Passion’ PP20,440
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Tall Pink Fizz = ‘Xavia’ PP24,018
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Tall Romance = ‘Wp09 Wen04’ PP21,843
Dianthus FIRST SCENT® Tall Sugar Plum = ‘WP08 IAN04’ PP21398
Dianthus PROMOTIONAL™ Pinball Wizard = ‘Wp15 mow08’ PPAF
Dianthus PROMOTIONAL™ Raspberry Swirl ‘Devon Siskin’ PP14,377
Dianthus PROMOTIONAL™ Rosebud = ‘Wp08 Ros03’ PP21,397
Dianthus PROMOTIONAL™ ‘Starburst’ PP21,162
Dianthus PROMOTIONAL™ Silver Star = ‘Wp10 Hel01’ PP23,729
Dianthus Star Double ‘Brilliant Star’ PP13,025
Dianthus Star Double Pop Star = ‘Devon Esther’ PP18,222
Dianthus Star Double ‘Starlette’ PP21,438
Dianthus Star Double Starry Night = ‘Devon Flores’ PP17,731
Dianthus Star Single Eastern Star = ‘Red Dwarf’ PP14,437
Dianthus Star Single Fire Star = ‘Devon Xera’ PP14,895
Dianthus Star Single ‘Neon Star’ PP14,549
Dianthus Star Single Peppermint Star = ‘Noreen’ PP20,369
Dianthus Star Single Stargazer = ‘Wp13 Gil05’ PPAF
Dianthus Star Single Shining Star = ‘Alva’ PP20,312
Dianthus Star Single Shooting Star = ‘Devon Starling’ PP16,43
Dianthus Star Single ‘Spangled Star’ PP13,029
Dianthus Star Single Superstar  = ‘Wp11 Tyr04’ PP25,077
Dianthus ‘Wicked Witch’ PP19,824
Diascia TOWERS OF FLOWERS® Apricot = ‘Aurora Apricot’ PP25,451
Diascia TOWERS OF FLOWERS® Cherry Blossom = ‘Aurora Cherry Blossom’ PP26,158
Diascia TOWERS OF FLOWERS® Dark Pink = ‘Aurora Dark Pink’ PP25,719
Diascia TOWERS OF FLOWERS® Light Pink = ‘Aurora Light Pink’ PP25,405
Diascia PENHOW™ Little Dreamer = ‘Pender’ PP17,180
Digitalis WALBERTON’S® Goldcrest = ‘Waldigone’ PP20,937
Echinacea ‘Elton Knight’ PP18,133
Erigeron ‘Sea Breeze’ PP12,076
Erigeron ‘Spindrift’ PP14,834
Eryngium HILLIER™ ‘Blue Waves’ Rights Asserted
Erysimum WALBERTON’S® Fragrant Star = ‘Walfrastar’ PP23,101
Erysimum WALBERTON’S® Fragrant Sunshine = ‘Walfrasun’ PP13,432
Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’ PP21,401
Euphorbia Blackbird = ‘Nothowlee’ PP17,178
Euphorbia ‘Blue Haze’ PP14,868
Euphorbia ‘First Blush’ PP15,292
Euphorbia ‘Glacier Blue’ PP19,027
Euphorbia Ruby Glow = ‘Waleuphglo’ PP22,200
Euphorbia WALBERTON’S® Rudolph = ‘Waleuphrud’ PP17,257
Euphorbia ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ PP15,715
Euphorbia WALBERTON’S® Tiny Tim = ‘Waleutiny’ PP16,930
Fuschia ‘Rose Quartet’ PP16,532
Gaillardia ‘Fanfare Citronella’ PP26,943
Gaillardia ‘Fanfare Phoenix’ Rights Asserted
Gaillardia ‘Oranges and Lemons’ PP17,092
Gaillardia REALFLOR® ‘Celebration’ PPAF
Gaillardia REALFLOR® ‘Fanfare’ PP15,892
Gaillardia REALFLOR® ‘Fanfare Blaze’ PP23,494
Gaillardia REALFLOR® ‘Fanfare Citronella’ PPAF
Gaillardia REALFLOR® COMPACT ‘Sunset Cutie’ PPAF
Gaillardia REALFLOR® COMPACT ‘Sunset Flash’ PPAF
Gaillardia REALFLOR® COMPACT ‘Sunset Snappy’ PPAF
Gaillardia REALFLOR® MEDIUM ‘Sunset Sunrise’ PPAF
Gardenia ‘Crown Jewel’ PP19,896
Gaura Passionate Blush = ‘SME-2’ PP17,293
Gaura ‘Passionate Rainbow’ PP17,002
Gaura ‘Passionate Rainbow Petite’ PP23,646
Gaura WALBERTON’S® Pink Fountain = ‘Walgaupf’ PP15,555
Gaura WALBERTON’S® Silver Fountain = Walgausf’ Rights Asserted
Gaura WALBERTON’S® Snow Fountain = Walsnofou’ PP19,376
Geranium ‘Cheryl`s Shadow’ PP14,701
Geranium Crystal Rose = ‘Abpp’ PP20,809
Geranium ‘Elizabeth Ann’ PP11,252
Geranium ‘Orkney Cherry’ PP18,263
Geranium ‘Sabani Blue’ PP16,305
Geranium ‘Westray’ PP13,716
Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ PP22,041
Helichrysum Silver Spike = ‘Prosil’ PP13,006
Heliopsis ‘Tuscan Sun’ PP18,763
Helleborus WALBERTON’S® Ivory Prince = ‘Walhelivor’ PP16,199
Helleborus WALBERTON’S® Rosemary = ‘Walhero’ PP19,439
Heuchera ‘Canyon Belle’ PP13,413
Heuchera ‘Canyon Chimes’ PP13,281
Heuchera ‘Canyon Duet’ PP13,280
Heuchera ‘Canyon Melody’ PP13,276
Heuchera ‘Crimson Curls’ PP13,729
Hibiscus Showtime = ‘Carpa’ PP24,965
Hibiscus WALBERTON’S® Rose Moon = ‘Walhirosmo’ PP24,936
Hosta ‘Eclipse’ PP24,625
Hosta ‘Liberty’ PP12,531
Hosta ‘Tattoo’ PP11,603
Hydrangea ‘Little Honey’ PP15,477
Hydrangea YOUME™ Emotion = ‘Rie 3’ PP16,720
Hydrangea YOUME™ Eternity = ‘Rie 2’ PP16,617
Hydrangea YOUME™ Forever = ‘Rie 1’ PP16,618
Hydrangea YOUME™ Passion = ‘Rie 4’ PP16,653
Hydrangea YOUME™ Romance = ‘Rie 9’ PP16,613
Hydrangea ‘Zorro’ PP18,255
Hypericum Fiesta = ‘Crowthyp’ PP26,400
Isotoma FIZZ N POP™ Glowing Violet = ‘Tmlu 1301’ PPAF
Isotoma FIZZ N POP™ Pretty in Pink = ‘Tmli 1401’ Rights Asserted
Lamium Golden Anniversary = ‘Dellam’ PP11,783
Lantana ‘White Gold’ PP17,207
Lavandula ‘Blueberry Ruffles’ PP18,305
Lavandula ‘Boysenberry Ruffles’ PP18,256
Lavandula ‘Mulberry Ruffles’ PP18,295
Lavandula ‘Strawberry Ruffles’ PP22,490
Lavandula ‘Sugarberry Ruffles’ PP18,243
Lavandula ‘Sweetberry Ruffles’ PP22,447
Lavandula WALBERTON’S® Arctic Fox = ‘Walvera’ PP13,091
Lavandula Violet Intrigue = ‘Lavang21’ PP15,344
Lavandula ‘Violet Lace’ PP18,256
Lavandula ‘Winter Lace’ PP18,280
Lavatera ‘Red Rum’ PP13,898
Leucadendron ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hawaii Magic’ PPAF
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Charmer’ PPAF
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Deal’ Rights Asserted
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Dream’ PP25,664
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Galaxy’ PP23,873
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Glory’ PP25,733
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Neat’ PP26,185
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Snowball’ Rights Asserted
Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Sunbeam’ PPAF
Leucothoe ‘Curly Red’ PP17,666
Liriodendron ‘Little Volunteer’ PP19,581
Liriope Purple Explosion = ‘EXC 051’ PP21,352
Lysimachia ‘Alexander’ PP10,598
Lysimachia HILLIER™ ‘Sunburst’ Rights Asserted
Lysimachia ‘Sunburst’ PPAF
Lysimachia WALBERTON’S® Golden Alexander = ‘Walgoldalex’ PP13,547
Magnolia ‘Genie’ PP20,748
Miscanthus ‘Fire Dragon’ Rights Asserted
Miscanthus ‘Little Miss’ PP28,849
Musa ‘Little Prince’ PP 15,255
Myoporum Clean n Green = ‘WCN 01’ PP23,163
Nandina ‘Tuscan Flame’ PP21,940
Nemesia FRENCH CONNECTION™ Berrie White = ‘Fleurbw’ PP22,809
Nemesia FRENCH CONNECTION™ Berries n Cream = ‘Fleurbac’ PP16,931
Nemesia FRENCH CONNECTION™ ‘Easter Bonnet’ PPAF
Nemesia FRENCH CONNECTION™ Framboise = ‘Fleurfram’ PP25,041
Nemesia FRENCH CONNECTION™ Myrtille = ‘Fleurmyr’ PP25,062
Nemesia PENHOW® LAGOON™ Blue Lagoon = ‘Pengoon’ PP14,261
Nemesia PENHOW® LAGOON™ White Lagoon = ‘Penpur’ PP18,978
Nemesia PENHOW® LAGOON™ Sky Blue Lagoon = ‘Pensky’ PP16,902
Nemesia Blueberry Sachet = ‘Penmys’ PP12,794
Nemesia Bluebird = ‘Hubbird’ PP12,014
Nemesia Compact Pink Innocence = ‘Fleuripi’ PP16,851
Nemesia Opal Innocence = ‘Fleurame’ PP17,035
Nemesia PENHOW® SUNGLOW™ Yellow Bicolor Rights Asserted
Nemesia Raspberry Sachet = ‘Fleurcel’ PP18,239
Nemesia Vanilla Sachet = ‘Pensug’ PP20,268
Oenothera Crown of Gold = ‘Lishal’ PP18,402
Oenothera ‘Shimmer’ PP19,663
Oenothera Twilight = ‘Turner01’ PP17,230
Pelargonium Golden Angel = ‘Sarah Don’ PP13,813
Panicum ‘Hot Rod’ PP26,074
Passiflora RIVERSIDE™ ‘Snow Queen’ PPAF
Pennisetum ‘Burgundy Bunny’ PP21,917
Phlox ‘Becky Towe’ PP12,908
Phlox ‘Bubblegum’ PP13,434
Phlox ‘Cotton Candy’ PP13,420
Phormium ‘Blondie’ PP24,399
Phormium ‘Jubilee’ PP19,059
Phygelius Coral Princess = ‘Crocorpri’ PP18,601
Phygelius Purple Prince = ‘Cropurpri’ PP18,540
Phygelius Snow Queen = Crosnoque’ PP18,366
Phygelius Yellow Sovereign = ‘Croyelsov’ PP18,376
Physocarpus Lady in Red = ‘Tuilad’ PP18,660
Physostegia ‘Miss Manners’ PP12,637
Pieris ‘Katsura’ PP15,452
Potentilla ‘Setting Sun’ PP20,299
Potentilla ‘Summer Dawn’ PP20,302
Prunella ‘Summer Daze’ PP19,609
Rosmarinus ‘Gold Dust’ PP19,949
Rosmarinus ‘Roman Beauty’ PP18,192
Salvia BODACIOUS® ‘Rhythm & Blues’ PPAF
Salvia Danielle’s Dream = ‘Ferpink’ PP21,734
Salvia ‘Santa Barbara’ PP12,949
Salvia ‘Ultra Violet’ PP21,411
Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ PP21,889
Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Fuchsia’ Rights Asserted
Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Purple’ PPAF
Salvia VIBE® Ignition White = ‘Elk White Ice’ PP28,042
Sedum ‘Elsie’s Gold’ PP20,368
Sedum WALBERTON’S® Pizzazz = ‘Walsedpzz’ PP25,944
Sedum ‘Postman`s Pride’ PP16,831
Silene ‘Sunshine n’ Daydreams’ PP28,434
Solidago Little Lemon = ‘Dansolitlem’ PP17,297
Spiraea ‘Golden Elf’ PP12,025
Spiraea WALBERTON’S® Plumtastic = ‘Walplum’PPAF
Spiraea ‘White Gold’ PP13,609
Stokesia ‘Divinity’ PPAF
Styrax ‘Evening Light’ PP24,168
Styrax ‘Fragrant Fountain’ PP19,664
Thuja HIGHLIGHTS® ‘Janed Gold’ PP21,967
Verbena ‘Little One’ PP18,124
Veronica ‘Blue Yonder’ PPAF
Veronica ‘Christy’ PP18,142
Veronica Royal Candles = ‘Glory’ PP18,932
Viburnum AMERICAN SPICE™ = ‘Duvone’ PP17,751
Vinca ‘Illumination’ PP12,132
Viola CELESTIAL™ Blue Moon = ‘Smev1’ PP19,882
Viola CELESTIAL™ Harvest Moon = ‘Smev2’ PP23,033
Viola CELESTIAL™ Northern Lights = ‘Smev4’ PP24,591
Viola CELESTIAL™ ‘Midnight’ PPAF
Viola CELESTIAL™ Starry Night = ‘Lord Primrose’ PP18,253
Viola CELESTIAL™ Twilight = ‘Smev3’ PP24,592
Viola MAGNIF SCENT® ‘Bonny’ PP28,352
Viola MAGNIF SCENT® ‘Sunny Jim’ PP28,422
Viola MAGNIF SCENT® ‘Sweetheart’ PP28,353
Weigela ‘Dark Horse’ PP14,381
Weigela White Lightning = ‘Wf-2009’ PP22,473
Yucca WALBERTON’S® Bright Star = ‘Walbristar’ PP17,653


Expired Plant Patents

Cimicifuga ‘Hillside Black Beauty’ PP9,988
Lamium ‘Orchid Frost’ PP11,122
Scabiosa WALBERTON’S® ‘Pink Mist’ PP8,957
Spiraea WALBERTON’S® Magic Carpet = ‘Walbuma’ PP9,363