“PlantHaven brought our portfolio from boutique to big business with their North American network and dynamic marketing solutions for box store retailers.”

—Ed Marley, Whetman Pinks

A new plant’s journey from
breeder’s selection to commercial production and marketing.

PlantHaven International partners specialty plant breeders around the world to help bring new and exciting varieties to market. We value the relationships that have been built and are always interested in new opportunities. We are a full service plant breeder’s agency that will assist in distribution and marketing services to promote their varieties to growers and retailers throughout the industry.

  • The PlantHaven team researches the market potential of the breeder’s selection.
  • If the plant has potential, it is sent out by PlantHaven to secure trials in varying climate zones in North America, under a trial agreement between PlantHaven and the nursery.
  • If the plant is of interest, and with the permission of the breeder, it is sent for trials globally under a trial agreement between PlantHaven and its associates.
  • If trials are positive, PlantHaven assists the breeder in the applications for a U.S. Patent and Plant Variety Rights (PVR) overseas. Once numbers are sufficient, the plant is released and promoted in the marketplace.
  • PlantHaven grants Propagation Licenses to wholesale growers. Sales reports are sent out bi-annually to licensees, and royalties are paid to the breeder on plants sold, less PlantHaven’s pre-agreed commission.

PlantHaven Adds Value

  • Strategic development of long-term markets
  • Proven, dedicated systems
  • Global connections
  • Solid market research
  • Royalty collection and reporting
  • Quality management
  • Maximize profit potential
  • Worldwide plant protection and licensing
  • Excellent client and grower communication
  • Extensive and secure variety trials in all target territories
  • Representing worldwide breeding programs
  • Management of mother stock protocols (virus indexing)