Breeder Services

PlantHaven Offers the Following Integrated Services:

  • Free, confidential and independent advice and market research
  • New Variety Testing
  • Finding the best growers
  • Bulking-up, distribution and control of plant material for trials and stock
  • Arrangement of Plant Patents and Plant Breeders Rights through qualified agencies
  • Licensing and Royalty administration
  • New variety marketing and promotion
  • Administration of existing plant introduction programs

Free, Confidential and Independent Advice and Market Research

The usual sequence is as follows:

  1. Breeder engages PlantHaven for free confidential consultancy
  2. Breeder provides PlantHaven with information and background to the new variety
  3. PlantHaven may express an initial view but may take time to research the opportunities
  4. PlantHaven will report findings to the Breeder, including recommendations for national and international protection and provisional ideas for marketing and distribution of the variety

New Variety Testing

As a rule, commercial growers are more likely to invest in a full-scale launch and promotion of a new variety after reaching confidence through careful trialling. The starting point is to identify a list of reputable triallers, in various countries, who will always sign a formal Agreement (to test-and-talk only: no sale) and keep you informed as trials proceed.Although these trials place neither them nor you under any obligation, it is usual to select triallers for their potential to be future producers.Academic institutions can make useful triallers. Some have good facilities and can be involved closer to release date.

Likewise, garden writers will often be delighted to have an advance opportunity to trial in confidence. They much prefer to write from experience than be asked to endorse a plant they are not familiar with. PlantHaven manages this entire process utilizing its many contacts in the industry both domestically and abroad.

Finding the Best Growers

PlantHaven believes that the breeder’s interest is usually best served by a carefully constructed group or network of growers who can share and maximize the market opportunity. These growers will be:

  • Reputable and well-established in their particular market
  • Skilled in the production of the genus or plant type
  • Efficient and responsive in communicating and reporting
  • Experienced marketers and promoters of new varieties
  • Compatible and complementary so that all relevant consumer channels are coveredThere are occasions where PlantHaven will recommend an initial period of exclusivity for a nationally distributing and marketing partner. However, PlantHaven will need to be satisfied that such a solution will out-perform all others.