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Sedum WALBERTON’S® Pizzazz

Sedum spectabile = ‘Walsedpzz’

Sedum spectabile WALBERTON’S® Pizzazz = ‘Walsedpzz’ has large dome-shaped flower heads of stunning unique cerise star-shaped blooms. Plants have a compact clump forming habit 12″ x 12″. Drought tolerant once established, they also attract bees and butterflies. Dried flower heads are excellent for winter garden accents. An excellent choice for containers, borders, and landscape plantings.

Origin: UK

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 3 (40°F or -40°C)
  • Unique cerise blooms
  • Dense domed flower heads
  • Attracts bees and butterflies

Patent Status: PP 25,944

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 3 - 9
Height: 12 to 16-inches
30 to 41-centimeters
Spread: 12 to 16-inches
30 to 41-centimeters
Seasons: Summer, Autumn
Flower Colors: Hot Pink
Foliage Colors: Green
Light Levels: Sun
Growth Habit: Mounded
Usage: Container Gardens, Garden border, Pollinator Plant
Patent Status: PP 25,944
Origin: United Kingdom

Grower Culture

Media: Well-draining media
pH: 5.8pH to 6.5pH
Fertilization: Low | 100 ppm
Light: High
Water: Well-Drained to Moderate
Growing Temp Day: 70°F to 75°F | 21°C to 21°C
Growing Temp Night: 55°F to 65°F | 13°C to 13°C
Pinching: Yes
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
4-inch: 6 to 8-weeks with 1 ppp
1-gallon: 10 to 12-weeks with 1 ppp
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