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Leucadendron ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hawaii Magic’

Leucadendron hybrid ‘ LN2’

The ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Collection has been bred for sturdy garden performance and container specimens.

Leucadendron hybrid ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hawaii Magic’ is bred for compact, super tight internodes. ‘Hawaii Magic’ boasts a great compact habit, ideal for pot and container; and has very colorful, seasonally changing foliage.

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 9 (20°F or -6°C)
  • Bold fire red stems, carry attractive small leaves, flushed with unique plum tones. Color changing throughout the season, foliage colors from midwinter to give the fullest deepest plum tones by early spring. Color lasts long into the season.
  • Prefers humus rich, acid, well-drained medium, low in phosphorus. Deepest foliage color achieved when grown in open full sun location.

Patent Status: Rights Asserted.

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