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Leucadendron ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Hawaii Sunrise

Leucadendron hybrid = ‘LN9’

ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Leucadendron hybrid Hawaii Sunrise ‘LN9’ is a wonderful spring-blooming shrub. Bright yellow blooms cover the entire plant from early Feb to April. Beautifully compact growing to 3’x2′ compared to other Leucadendron. Little to no pruning is needed. It prefers well-drained soil in the sunny border. Perfect for cut flowers.

Origin: USA

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 9-11 (20°F or -6°C)
  • Bred for compact, super tight internodes
  • Great compact habit, ideal for pot and containers
  • Very colorful, seasonally changing foliage

Patent Status: PP 31,705

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 9 - 11
Height: 30 to 36-inches
76 to 91-centimeters
Spread: 20 to 24-inches
51 to 61-centimeters
Seasons: Early Spring, Spring
Flower Colors: Yellow
Foliage Colors: Green
Light Levels: Full-Sun
Growth Habit: Compact-mounded
Usage: Container Gardens, Containers, Cut Flowers, Garden border, Hedging, Landscapes, Mass landscape planting, Pollinator Plant, Pots
Patent Status: PP 31,705
Origin: USA

Grower Culture

Media: Well-draining media
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
1-gallon: 52 to 78-weeks with 1 ppp
3-gallon: 104 to 156-weeks with 1 ppp
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