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  • Colocasia-Hawaiian-Punch-001
  • Colocasia-Hawaiian-Punch-002
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  • Colocasia-Hawaiian-Punch-003
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-005
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-101
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-301
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-302
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-303
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-304
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-305
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-306
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-307
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-308
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Hawaiian-Punch-309
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Series-Kona-Coffee-Diamon-Head-Hawaiian-Punch
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Series-Kona-Coffee-Hawaiian-Punch-Maui-Gold
  • Colocasia-Royal-Hawaiian-Series-Kona-Coffee-Hawaiian-Punch-Tropical-Storm

Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hawaiian Punch’

Colocasia esculenta ‘Hawaiian Punch’

The Colocasia ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Collection features varieties unlike any available in today’s market. The ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Colocasias have been bred to be sturdy garden performers and container specimens. Each is disease resistant with fabulous foliage and stem interest, and with their tidy clumping habit would be a welcome addition in any garden or landscape.

Colocasia esculenta ROYAL HAWAIIAN® ‘Hawaiian Punch’ with striking red stems is a stunning complement to the varied series.

Origin: USA

Description / Plant Notes:

  • Zone 7b-11 (5°F or -14°C)
  • Fresh tropical green foliage with attractive red margin and red veins on underside of foliage, held on glossy red stems
  • Medium height 36″-36″ at maturity

Patent Status: USPP #24,596

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