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Dianthus STAR SINGLE™ Peppermint Star

Dianthus = ‘Noreen’

The Whetman Pinks® STAR SINGLE™ Collection the best in perennial Dianthus genetics! All have attractive compact, mounding foliage that looks great in mass plantings. They are heat tolerant with a vigor that is unsurpassed by other Dianthus. The Star series produces excellent, uniform, spring and early-summer crops that are perfect for Spring promotions.

Peppermint Star ‘Noreen’: Perfect single lavender blooms with a rose pink eye borne of a vigorous mound of neat grey foliage.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:

• USDA Zone 5 (-20°F or -28°C).
• Compact mounding foliage, typically 7″ in height and spread at peak bloom time
• Foliage is sturdy and generally glaucous
• Day-neutral, perpetual flowering, heavily budded in spring: vernalization not necessary
• Single flowers 1” – 1.5” diameter, held 3” above foliage
• Varying degrees of perfume, somewhat reminiscent of cloves
• Ideal for use as a front of the border perennial or in mixed containers

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