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Dianthus STAR SINGLE™ Neon Star Improved

Dianthus = ‘Wp20 Neo01’


New for 2020: Dianthus STAR SINGLE™ Neon Star Improved                                               

Neon Star Improved is a new improvement of a classic, tried and true, an industry standard. Same amazingly iridescent, vivid, neon pink color, with a new elegant central pattern. Increased flower count and more compact than the original, resulting in a closer matched collection. Flower stems are sturdy and do not flop. Deadhead and fed regularly to encourage fast repeat blooming.  Bred for beautifully scented blooms and excellent garden performance. Pollinator magnet! Use in containers, borders, and mass landscape plantings.


Key Features:

• USDA Zone 5. (-20°F or -28°C).

• Compact mounding foliage

• Single flowers 1” – 1.5” diameter, held 3” above foliage

• Ideal for use as a front of the border perennial or in mixed containers.

Patent Status: Rights Asserted

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