Veronica Royal Candles = ‘Glory’

PlantHaven ICON Collection LogoVeronica spicata Royal Candles ‘Glory’ has an upright growth habit but has a compact, non-spreading habit and reaches a height of only 15”-18” in bloom. It blooms abundantly from early June to late July with deep violet blue flowers. It is a vigorous plant and does not exhibit browning of its lower leaves. It is a great plant for the front of the border, mixed containers, rock gardens and planted en masse. It is a perennial that can be used in container plantings and for bedding plant appeal as well.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 3 (-40°F or -40°C)
  • Abundant spires of deep violet blue blooms
  • Tight compact habit
  • Bottom foliage does not die out unlike other selections

Patent Status: USPP #18,932

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