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Thuja HIGHLIGHTS™ ‘Janed Gold’

Thuja occidentalis ‘Janed Gold’

Thuja HIGHLIGHTS® Janed Gold (‘Janed Gold’) is a tight, pyramidal-columnar form with shiny, bright gold foliage which gets more golden with sun and heat. Arising as a branch sport off the cultivar ‘Gelderland’ comes this fantastic brilliant gold Western Redcedar. In over 8 years of evaluation not one reversion has occurred. Thuja gets more golden with more sun and hot temperatures and holds the golden color in winter. Finally, what looks to be a fantastic substitute for ‘Goldconda’ and ‘Gold Rider’ Leyland cypress!

Origin: USA

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 5-8 (-20°F or -28°C)
  • Best grown in full sun in moist well drained soils
  • Bright yellow-gold foliage, year round

Patent Status: USPP #21,967

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Patent Status: PP21,967