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Sempervivum SUPERSEMPS® ‘Fire Quartz’

Sempervivum hybrid


SUPERSEMPS® Sempervivum is an amazing collection of hens and chicks. Boosting large 8″ single rosettes in as little as 20 weeks. Stunning geometric shapes and a beautiful array of colors, SUPERSEMPS® are a must-have for the modern gardener. Hardy to zone 4.


Fire Quartz is pink-burgundy tinted rosette. Excellent year-round color.

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 3 - 4
Height: 2 to 8-inches
5 to 20-centimeters
Spread: 4 to 8-inches
10 to 20-centimeters
Foliage Colors: Pink-burgundy
Light Levels: Full-Sun, Partial-Sun
Hardiness / Vigor: Hardy
Growth Habit: Tidy Clumping
Usage: Container Gardens, Containers, Gardens, Landscapes, Modern landscape, Pots
Patent Status: PP 33,603
Origin: Germany

Grower Culture

Media: Well-draining media
Fertilization: Low
Light: High
Water: Dry to Well-Drained
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
6-inch: 6 to 8-weeks with 1 ppp
1-gallon: 10 to 12-weeks with 1 ppp
Other Varieties
in the Collection:
Sempervivum SUPERSEMPS® ‘Onyx’
Sempervivum SUPERSEMPS® ‘Ruby’
Sempervivum SUPERSEMPS® ‘Emerald’
Sempervivum SUPERSEMPS® Jade