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Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Sunrise’

Salvia x jamensis


Salvia VIBE CollectionPart of the Salvia VIBE® Collection – Decorative sage for low water gardening, pollinator friendly gardening and hummingbird gardens. Light trim after flowering to re-start flowering in as little as 4-6 weeks. The most benefits you can get for your environment for minimal to no effort. Set, Relax and Enjoy!!


Plant Notes / Description:

    • Our first bicolor in the series with peach and pink blooms.
    • Super flexible stems.
    • Compact rounded habit, 24” x 24” at maturity.
    • Heat and drought tolerant.
    • Excellent hummingbird attractant.
    • Outstanding for premium 2-gallon containers.


PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 7
Seasons: Spring, Autumn
Flower Colors: Bicolor, Apricot, Peach
Foliage Colors: Glossy Mid-Green
Hardiness / Vigor: Hardy
Growth Habit: Compact-rounded
Usage: Pots, Containers, Garden border, Modern landscape
Patent Status: PPAF
Other Varieties
in the Collection:
Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Purple’
Salvia VIBE® Ignition White
Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Fuchsia’
Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Cranberry’
Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Orange’