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Salvia BODACIOUS® ‘Jammin’ Jazz’

Salvia x gauranitica


Large saturated hot pink flowers held on deep chocolate-black calyx and stems. Strong green foliage color, not yellowing with the season. Improved branching giving tight rounded habit. Excellent for cool growing and early season sales. Great for hummingbird gardens.

Genus & Species: Salvia x guaranitica

Protection Status: PP 35,405

USDA Zone: Zone 8, (10°F or -12°C). Testing in USDA Zone 7.

Bloom: Masses of large saturated hot pink flowers held on striking deep chocolate-black calyx and stems, freely reflowering throughout the season. Makes a perfect companion for ‘Rythmn & Blues’ + ‘Smokey Jazz’.

Bloom Time: Spring-fall. (Long Blooming Season). Testing to confirm daylength neutral.

Foliage: Medium sized dark green foliage. Maintaining dark color throughout the season.
Habit: Improved branched giving great tight rounded habit. 1 gallon 18” x 18”. Ultimately 36” x 36”.

Propagation: Softwood cuttings. License required for propagation.

Culture: Best grown in full sun with average water. Grower-friendly.

Uses: Pots & containers, garden border, modern landscape.

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