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Mandevilla SANGRIA® ‘Tinto’

Mandevilla hybrid = ‘Sunmanderemi’

Mandevilla SANGRIA® ‘Tinto’ is part of the Mandevilla SANGRIA® Collection, featuring masses of large tropical, rich crimson flowers; Evergreen, small glossy dark green foliage; and is most cold tolerant.

Genus & Species: Mandevilla hybrid
Protection Status: US Plant Patent 16,449.
USDA Zone: Zone 10, (30°F or -1°C).
Bloom: Masses of large tropical-rich crimson trumpet-shaped flowers 2-3 inches in diameter. Individual flowers have bright honey-colored throats.
Bloom Time: Spring through fall, 11 plus months of color in California.
Foliage: Evergreen, small glossy dark green foliage.
Habit: Vigorous and robust growth habit.

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 10
Seasons: Spring, Year round
Flower Colors: Burgundy
Foliage Colors: Dark Green
Light Levels: Full-Sun
Hardiness / Vigor: Hardy
Usage: Hanging Baskets, Containers
Patent Status: USPP 16,449
Other Varieties
in the Collection:
Mandevilla SANGRIA® ‘Rosé’
Mandevilla SANGRIA® ‘Granada’
Mandevilla SANGRIA® ‘Larossa’