Leucanthemum REALFLOR® ‘Real Snowball’

Leucanthemum superbum REALFLOR® ‘Real Snowball’ is a wonderful summer-blooming perennial with gorgeous flower reminiscent of a childhood snowball. Blooms age well and are carried on very strong stems. This variety is very floriferous with improved disease resistance. It prefers well-drained soil in the sunny border. Deadhead to encourage continuous bloom.

Origin: UK

Description / Plant Notes:

  • Unique flower head, reminiscent of a childhood snowball
  • Tight clumping habit, 36" x 18"
  • Improved disease resistance
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • USDA zone 5 (-20°F or -28°C)

Uses: Pots & containers, garden border, modern landscape, long-lasting cut flower.

Patent Status: Rights Asserted.

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