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Geranium ‘Storm Cloud’

Geranium pratense


Introducing the new Geranium pratense ‘Storm Cloud.’ New growth that appears at the end of February is cherry red and matures to dark-green-edged dark red as the season progresses, with new leaf growth still coming through red. Flowers are held on strong stems, semi-double, strong blue with a cerise frill. A strong growing, slug-proof and mildew-resistant plant, flowering from the end of May with a second flush later in the season.

Vigorous selection with elegant, heavily cut, colorful dark foliage.

Robust strong habit. No staking required.

Exceptionally long flowering period. Flowering continually from early season.

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 5
Seasons: Late Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer
Foliage Colors: Dark Green
Light Levels: Full-Sun, Semi-Shade
Growth Habit: Rounded
Usage: Containers, Garden border, Landscapes
Patent Status: PP 34,969