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Dianthus STAR DOUBLE™ Pop Star

Dianthus = ‘Devon Esther’

The Whetman Pinks® STAR DOUBLE™ Collection has a double bloom appeal! These varieties produce attractive deeply fringed double pink flowers from the early season. The spicy scented flowers are 1” – 1.5” diameter, held 3” above foliage that forms a tidy compact blue-green mound. Day-neutral, with perpetual flowering, they are heavily budded in spring. Vernalization is not necessary.

Dianthus STAR DOUBLE™ Pop Star ‘Devon Esther’: Deeply fringed double lavender blooms with a cherry eye on a compact plant. Slightly taller than others in the range.

Origin: Whetman Pinks Ltd, United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:

• USDA Zone 5. (-20°F or -28°C).
• Fragrant, bright colorful single blooms. Repeat blooming.
• Glaucous foliage with unique dense mounding habit.
• No vernalization required for blooming

Patent Status: USPP 18,222

PK Sheet
Patent Status: PP 18,222
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