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Cupressocyparis Shorty

x Cupressocyparis leylandii = ‘Reco’

  • Estimated USDA Zone 6 (-10ºF or -23ºC)
  • Olive green to blueish in tone
  • Upright compact habit, 5’T x 2’W in 10 years
  • Shorted “Cupressus” on the market
  • Easy to care for, no pruning required for compact
    dense habit

Uses: Low growing hedge, container plant, specimen or landscape plantings.

Patent Status: PP 19,618

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 6
Height: 48 to 60-inches
122 to 152-centimeters
Spread: 12 to 24-inches
30 to 61-centimeters
Foliage Colors: Green
Light Levels: Full-Sun
Growth Habit: Upright
Usage: Cut Flowers, Hedging, Landscapes
Patent Status: PP19,618

Grower Culture

Media: Well-draining media
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
1-gallon: 45 to 52-weeks with 1 ppp
3-gallon: 85 to 104-weeks with 1 ppp