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Buxus Golden Dream

Buxus hybrid = ‘Peergold’

The beautiful golden edged leaves of this boxwood truly live up to its name. Buxus microphylla ‘Golden Dream’ is a compact, slow-growing evergreen shrub that grows nearly 2 feet tall at maturity and will take on a more or less naturally rounded shape. The growth habit is nice and tight, and foliage is very dense. The leaves are bright green, decoratively bordered with gold. This fully hardy plant prefers fertile, well-drained but somewhat damp soil. Golden Triumph is more variable and ‘Golden Dream’ has a smaller leaf and is more yellow. The plant is wonderful in a patio or balcony container and is attractive on its own in a border or in small groups. Its compact proportions also make it very suitable for planting in perennial gardens or mixed containers.

As with most boxwoods, it prefers slightly cooler, moist soils with good drainage. A good top dressing of mulch around these guys will do wonders to keep the soil conditions very favorable. This new variety has a very promising future and is sure to be a favorite in landscapes.

Origin: Netherlands

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zones 6 – 9
  • Tight, compact habit
  • Perfect for low step over hedging/edging

Patent Status: PP 16,052

PK Sheet
USDA Zone: 6 - 9
Height: 18 to 24-inches
46 to 61-centimeters
Spread: 18 to 24-inches
46 to 61-centimeters
Foliage Colors: Variegated, Gold, Green
Light Levels: Full-Sun, Partial-Sun
Growth Habit: Compact-rounded
Usage: Containers, Garden border, Gardens, Hedging, Landscapes, Mass landscape planting, Pots
Patent Status: PP 16,052
Origin: Netherlands

Grower Culture

Media: Well-draining media
Water: Well-Drained to Moderate
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
1-gallon: 39 to 52-weeks with 1 ppp
3-gallon: 78 to 104-weeks with 1 ppp