Scent and Beauty Come First with Whetman Pinks Dianthus

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June 5, 2015

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Santa Barbara, California — Consumers have spoken, and they demand fragrance and durability in their gardens. PlantHaven International is pleased to bring Whetman Pinks dianthus to the U.S. market. Bred in the UK, Whetman Pinks have been recognized worldwide for preserving desired consumer traits such as fragrance and hardiness.

Truly the benchmark in dianthus breeding, Whetman Pinks dianthus are not only beautiful with frilly textures and cheerful colors, but they are also easy to grow. They survive both cold and dry conditions and boast long-lasting flower power.

“If you’re a beginner gardener, Pinks are a great plant to start with,” says Carolyn Bourne, Whetman Pinks hybridizer. “They are utterly satisfying, very versatile. You can pick the flowers, take them indoors, make a lovely little arrangement, pick them for friends and family.”

With more than 20 varieties in the collection, Whetman Pinks will satisfy all gardeners. Looking for the tried-and-true cottage flower? Check out the Devon Cottage series, which is characterized by large flowers, silver-blue foliage and compact size. Want to make a statement with eye-catching double flowers? The Star Double series will turn heads with its deeply fringed early bloomers. For those looking to add a colorful and scented splash to their indoor spaces, look no further than the Scent First series. It is ideal for compact containers and features a delightfully spicy fragrance. The options are endless with Whetman Pinks dianthus!

The charm of Whetman Pinks doesn’t end in the garden. When consumers purchase Whetman Pinks dianthus, they are encouraged to visit for growing tips and inspiration.

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