Veronica ‘Christy’

Veronica 'Christy' blooms profusely from late spring through summer. This selection has highly serrated and decorative leaves and at maturity it forms a neat mound approximately 6 – 9” tall.

Veronica 'Christy' has a very neat, prostrate and controlled habit that makes it a well behaved plant in the garden. Initial bloom covers the plant in short spikes with blue-violet blooms. The bloom continues well into the first frosts of fall. Ideal for the border, a rock garden or in containers.

Origin: USA

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 5 (-20°F or -28°C)
  • Spreading mound of glossy green, fernlike foliage
  • Great for borders, rock gardens and containers

Patent Status: USPP #18,124

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