Salvia ‘Santa Barbara’

Salvia ‘Santa Barbara’ has a compact and strong branching habit which, in combination with its gray foliage and spikes of long blooming purple flowers, make it an exceptional landscape plant. Flowers are effectively purple but are actually more interesting as the petals are a rose-lavender. Other cultivars within the species tend to get quite unwieldy and large but ‘Santa Barbara’ with its compact habit and drought resistance is a wonderful garden and container plant and very suitable for municipal or commercial plantings. It also makes a great annual in the cooler climates of the North.

Origin: USA

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 7 (0°F or -18°C)
  • Showy flower spikes of purple blooms with a hint of lavender-rose
  • Compact tidy grower
  • Easy care, exceptional landscape selection

Patent Status: USPP #12,949

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