Gaillardia ‘Oranges and Lemons’

Gaillardia ‘Oranges and Lemons’ is truly a stellar performer! It is super long-blooming, extremely floriferous (up to 75 blooms per plant at a single time), and easy-to-grow! This determined perennial will grow in poor soil and withstand heat, humidity and even drought once established. ‘Oranges and Lemons’ looks just like it sounds — large, peachy orange flowers with yellow tips and a gold central cone. The blue-green foliage enhances this warm coloring and the round, chartreuse seed heads extend the interest after the flowers are spent. Each flower is 4-6” wide and is 25% larger than its parent. The overall height and habit of a mature plant is taller and more upright and erect than other Gaillardias. The bushy, upright plants are the perfect size for the middle of the perennial border or as container plants and the flowers are great for bouquets. Deer and rabbits tend to avoid this particular Gaillardia, but the plant is attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zones 5-9 (-20°F or -28°C)
  • Masses of soft orange and lemon yellow single blooms
  • Exceptionally long flowering period
  • Same great habit as Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’
  • A gorgeous impulse plant

Patent Status: USPP #17,092

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