Caryopteris Hint of Gold = ‘Lisaura’

Caryopteris x clandonensis Hint of Gold = ‘Lisaura’ is a striking late summer flowering shrub hybridized by Peter Catt, of the UK. The serrated foliage is hot lime green, and so vivid that the leaf sheen in sunlight makes ones eyes water! The extra large leaves create a beautiful bushy yellow plant that glistens in the sun throughout the summer followed with long spikes of flowers resulting in a delightful addition to the autumn shrub range.

Hint of Gold presents its later flowering as spires of intense violet flowers at the tips of the flowering shoots in what is a unique way for this type of Caryopteris. The plant is a result of several years of trying to get hardiness into a large leafed low altitude form of Caryopteris incana. Its compact upright habit matures to a height of 30–36 inches and spread of 36 inches. It prefers well-drained soil in full sun to keep the foliage golden, but can tolerate some shade. It is drought tolerant once established and the foliage also holds up well in the heat in the Southeast. Its compact size is appropriate for the smaller garden and can be used in mixed or shrub borders or even as container plants.

AGM logoCaryopteris Hint of Gold received the 2007 RHS Award of Garden Merit and was awarded a Bronze Medal at Plantarium 2008. It was selected as one of American Nurseryman’s New Plants for 2009.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 6 (-10°F or -23°C)
  • Fresh zesty two tone lemon-lime foliage color
  • Profusions of deep violet blooms

Patent Status: US Plant Patent #20,608

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