Aruncus ‘Misty Lace’

Aruncus hybrida ‘Misty Lace’, commonly known as “goatsbeard”, is an exciting dwarf hybrid. The creamy-white blooms of this plant, 6 inches long, arise on bold red stems in early spring, welcoming the warm weather with a good show of color. They are so wispy and light that they create a hazy, cloudpuff look in the garden — very attractive, and a nice contrast to spring-blooming bulbs and other flowers. As an early spring bloomer, it grows best in part shade. The habit is upright and forms a mature clump 2.5 feet tall x 2 feet wide.

Unlike most Aruncus, ‘Misty Lace’ is both heat- and humidity-tolerant and it’s very cold hardy too! ‘Misty Lace’ is great used in shady perennial gardens, containers, and woodland gardens.Perfect for containers as well as the garden, Misty Lace is certain to become a standout in partly-shaded settings of all types. Very cold-hardy, it also tolerates the heat and humidity of long summers without turning a leaf. Zones 3-7.

Origin: USA, introduced by Dr Allan Armitage, University of Georgia

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zones 3-7
  • Dwarf, compact habit. 2.5 feet tall x 2 feet wide
  • Partial shade

Patent Status: US Plant Patent: #15798

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