2016-2017 Spring Trials

The California Spring Trials event is our springboard to launch the next great products and programs from around the world! This year, we’re showcasing the newest lines from Penhow’s nemesia and diascia collections, alongside some of our favorite staples like the Mystic dahlia and Whetman Pinks dianthus.

PlantHaven was delighted to host David Jones, the Welsh breeder of Nemesia Penhow® Cherry™ Collection and Diascia Penhow® Towers of Flowers® Collection at Spring Trials this year. David was on hand to talk about the prolific breeding program at Penhow with Dr. Allan Armitage and others. It is always great to get the inside scoop from such an active and successful breeder.

Debuting this Spring is our new sales and marketing support — including new websites, ad campaigns, and in-depth PR communications.

Here’s to another great season working with our partners to supply the industry’s best performing plants!


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