Mystic Dahlias: A Contemporary Plant for Today’s Gardens

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June 5, 2015

Mystic Dahlias: A Contemporary Plant for Today’s Gardens

Santa Barbara, California — Some say good things come to those who wait. This couldn’t be more true of the breeding efforts behind Mystic Dahlias. Thirty years in the making, Plant Haven International is thrilled to present the most exciting dahlia series on the market. Mystic Dahlias, which are characterized by their mahogany-black foliage and vivid single blooms, make an incredible statement from the retail shelf all the way to the garden.

In addition to the signature dark and elegant foliage, Keith Hammett, breeder of Mystic Dahlias has attempted to produce an impressive range of color. “One of the features of all the Mystic Dahlias is strong saturated colors,” says Hammett, “which contrast nicely with the dark foliage.”

Choose from eight captivating colors:

  • Mystic Wonder – Unique velvet textured blooms, rich blood red in color
  • Mystic Dreamer – Soft pink and white striped blooms
  • Mystic Haze – Unique sun-kissed apricot to orange blooms with soft yellow halo
  • Mystic Illusion – Bright yellow blooms
  • Mystic Enchantment – Fire engine red blooms
  • Mystic Spirit – Peach to soft apricot blooms
  • Mystic Fantasy – Sun-kissed flamingo pink blooms with soft yellow halo and raspberry eye
  • Mystic Memories – Antiqued soft peach with brushed red highlights

Gardeners will appreciate that, unlike their predecessors, Mystic Dahlias do not require staking. These are strong hardy plants, making consumer success a breeze! Strong stems last beyond the garden; Mystic Dahlias are a standout backyard cutflower with exceptional vase life.

Go to to learn more about all eight Mystic Dahlias and their instant appeal.

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