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Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Fuchsia’

Salvia x jamensis

Sneak Peek for Retail 2019! PlantHaven and our key URC production partners will be featuring 2019 as the Year of the Salvia, introducing our Salvia VIBE® Collection. This decorative sage is awesome for low water gardening, pollinator friendly gardening and hummingbird gardens. Light trim after flowering to re-start flowering in as little as 4-6 weeks

The most benefits you can get for your environment for minimal to no effort. Set, Relax and Enjoy!!

Plant Notes / Description

  • Zone 7 (15°F or -12°C)
  • Bloom: Masses of medium sized rich fuchsia flowers, freely reflowering thoughout the season.
  • Long Spring-Fall blooming season
  • Small sized glossy mid green foliage
  • Compact tight rounded habit. 1 gallon 8″x8″, ultimately 24″x24″

Patent Status: Rights Asserted.

PK Sheet
Patent Status: Rights Asserted
Other Varieties
in the Collection:
Salvia VIBE® ‘Ignition Purple’
Salvia VIBE®’ Ignition White’