Salvia BODACIOUS® ‘Rhythm & Blues’

BODACIOUS® Salvia x guaranitica 'Rhythm & Blues' was the top pick from our fall open house 2016. This new x guaranitica hybrid from specialist salvia breeder Kermit Carter puts on an exceptional show.

This new hybrid has medium sized dark green foliage, maintaining the dark color throughout the season. Plants are covered with long flowers stems, elegant black calyx carrying larger saturated dark blue flowers.

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zone 8 (10°F or -12°C). Testing in USDA Zone 7.
  • Tidy, rounded well branched habit.
  • Rhythm & Blues grows to flowering size rapidly. Production can take as little as 14 to 16 weeks to produce a retail-ready 2 gallon container.
  • Let the party in the summer garden begin!
  • Patent Status: Rights Asserted.

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