Lantana ‘White Gold’

Lantana camara ‘White Gold’ has a tight, well-branched, spreading habit 10" to 12" high and 12" wide. From early summer until the chilly weather of fall, this little annual covers itself in 1-inch pompons of pure white with soft yellow centers. It combines perfectly with every other color in the garden or container — just makes them seem brighter, in fact — and is so attractive it works just fine on it own, too.

Butterflies adore this plant, and deer leave it alone. Thriving in any well-drained soil — even sandy ones! — its flower power is amazing. The secret is that it is sterile, so it devotes all its energy to making new blooms instead of going to seed. Hundreds upon hundreds of flowers erupt for months without a break!

Origin: USA

Description / Plant Notes:

  • USDA Zones 8-11
  • Compact and long-blooming
  • Great for a hedge
  • Easy Care, great garden performance

Patent Status: USPP #17,207

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