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Canna ‘Fire Dragon’

Canna indica ‘JC2-12’

Canna indica ‘Fire Dragon’ is the result of a dedicated breeding program in the Middle East. The climatic conditions in their region, combined with the unique virus-cleaning method and the isolation of the Canna fields, enable them to produce the best Cannas in the world. The targets of the breeding program are compact habit, quick growth, self cleaning of wilting flowers, and special colors of flowers and varied leaf color. Canna ‘Fire Dragon’ is the best of their breeding efforts!

Origin: Israeli breeding program

Description / Plant Notes:

  • Zone 7b (5°F or -14°C)
  • Considered the best “red” to hit the market by Canna experts
  • Tight clumping habit 48-60″ x 36″
  • 100% virus free TC. TC derived from virus free mother stock tested and held in nuclear stock

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