Leucanthemum Realflor®

Richard Read and Keith Lintott formed Realflor® in 2007 to specialize in creating an intensive breeding program to introduce new varieties in character and color of a selected range for the world market.

The Leucanthemum Realflor® Collection highlights distinctly different varieties with unique flowers. All have a sturdy, upright habit that needs no staking, and all are well branched, producing a great canopy of blossoms. These varieties are very floriferous with improved disease resistance. All bloom early-mid-summer and then repeating in fall. These are robust drought and wind resistant perennials once established. This superb Shasta Daisy variety is well-behaved with a tight clumping habit. Blooms are excellent for long lasting cut flowers.

Origin: United Kingdom

Description / Plant Notes:

  • Zone 5 (-20°F or -28°C)
  • Tight clumping habit
  • Drought-resistant

Leucanthemum Realflor® 'Real Charmer'

Leucanthemum Realflor® 'Real Dream'

Leucanthemum Realflor® 'Real Galaxy'

Leucanthemum Realflor® 'Real Glory'

Leucanthemum Realflor® 'Real Neat'

Leucanthemum Realflor® 'Real Sunbeam'

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