Gaillardia Realflor® Fanfare™

Realflor® are really making a name for themselves
here in North America as the go-to name in Gaillardia breeding. The portfolio includes the Realflor® Sunset™ Collection with unique compact habits, Realflor® Fanfare™ Collection with unique fluted flowers forms, and the game-changing volume production line Realflor® ‘Celebration.’

Realflor® crops are easy to produce, fast to fill their containers and long flowering, making them ideal for year-round premium color sales opportunities.

Gaillardia Realflor® Fanfare™ Collection

Gaillardia Realflor® ‘Fanfare’

Gaillardia Realflor® ‘Fanfare Blaze’

Gaillardia Realflor® ‘Fanfare Citronella’

Gaillardia Realflor® ‘Fanfare Regal’

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