Plant Outside the Box – WATERSAVER™ Living Wall

Plant Outside the Box – WATERSAVER™ Living Wall

PlantHaven’s WATERSAVER™ Living Wall was a huge success at CAST this year. A symphony of cool tones with emphasis on blue. Salvia, Brachyscome and Isotoma were three of the cool blue highlights. Plants featured are from areas with low summer rain. Links to product information sheets are below for the WATERSAVER™ star performers.

Cool colors and fabulous plants equal a perfect presentation

Try a vertical wall where space is limited. Results can be amazing!

URC Sources:
Brachyscome, Euphorbia, Isotoma and Viola

Salvia and Isotoma


Liner sources:
Multiple sources

Download PDFs

Brachyscome ‘Mauve Delight’

Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’

Isotoma FIZZ N POP™ ‘Glowing Violet’

Salvia BODACIOUS™ ‘Rhythm & Blues’

Viola MAGNIFI SCENT® ‘Sweetheart’

Click HERE for more info on Greenwall Skale system.