PlantHaven Family – GroLink

PlantHaven Family – GroLink


Oxnard, California has been home to GroLink for more than 30 years. Known as a quality producer and propagator of garden mums, chrysanthemums, Dianthus and in more recent years, Phalaenopsis. The facility includes fifteen acres of covered greenhouse area as well as a state-of-the-art rooting station. GroLink has also played host to PlantHaven and several other exhibitors at the annual California Spring Trials for the last five years.

GroLink Open HouseGroLink is one of a select few approved unrooted cutting suppliers for the PINKS by WHETMAN® program, known worldwide for their award winning perfumed Dianthus. These cold hardy varieties are perfectly at home in California with near year round natural production. With a dazzling variety of colors, flower shapes and habits the PINKS by WHETMAN® program is the epitome of Dianthus breeding. A quality producer and propagator, GroLink ships to growers throughout North America year round. GroLink’s continuing mission is to guarantee the highest quality and disease-free crops while also maintaining a focus on environmental performance.

Contact the PlantHaven Team for more information on this premium program.

An important partner, GroLink is the venue for PlantHaven Spring Trials, Fall Open House and many other collaborations. It is great to have such a valuable partner just down the road!

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