Joey at MANTS

Joey at MANTS

The rundown…

MANTS has grown in size and importance over its more than 40 year life. Now this east coast tradeshow draws more than 12,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors making it one of the largest horticulture trade shows in the US. Originally a partnership of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia nursery associations, the MANTS show is a showcase for shrub producers.

David Hyatt Panoramic

David Hyatt, of Panoramic Farms, with Joey Wiseman.

Joey Wiseman, our Head of Horticulture, traveled to Baltimore to meet with our young plant and finish growers. Joey was greeted by enthusiastic people eager to work with our awesome trialed and new varieties.

Catching up with all the happenings in the industry makes for a busy show. Key highlights include the new HILLIER™ Portfolio and new candidates from the ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Portfolio.

Follow ups from this important show will keep the team busy until early February.

Please call out if you were not able to attend and would like more information on these exciting New portfolios.

Email us at for further information.

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