Dreams of Spring

Dreams of Spring

February is here and although Spring is not yet in the air it is already in the mind. Dreams of Spring arrive unbidden after the holidays. Check in with your URC vendors to top up on all the newest crops for 2017.

Spring Trials is a mere 8 weeks away. The PlantHaven team has been busy planning, potting, pruning and seeing to all the many details surrounding this premier event. Once a modest regional showcase, California Spring Trials or CAST, has blossomed into an internationally recognized event drawing exhibitors and attendees from across the USA and around the world.

CAST offers a peek into an array of new and significant introductions from growers & breeders globally. This year includes our new Dahlia Mystic Sparkler.

This showcase is a great opportunity to catch up on the latest and greatest in the horticulture world. As a plus you get to do it on the beautiful California coast.

»Download Dahlia Mystic Sparkler PDF