Open House Trials

Open House Trials

PlantHaven had very diverse trials this year including 38 Genera covering shrubs, perennials, annuals and tropicals. The trials represented 31 different breeder clients.  These trials included new experimental crops as well as some already on the market.  With the experimental crops, the trials represented the first time we were able to have a look at the plants and see them bloom in the US. This is one of the best times of the year for the PlantHaven team.

We had a diverse group of PlantHaven visitors this year including URC suppliers, young plant suppliers, brokers and key growers representing both regional and national sales.  We value the feedback we get from visitors to our trials and use this valuable industry feedback in our selection process for moving forward with new releases.

salvia-ignition-purple-aug-2016-2PlantHaven trials are grown under standard nursery conditions, all plants are unvernalized and no plant growth regulators were applied.  The results of these trials provide vital information not only ourselves, but also growers and retailers, with how to successfully produce and sell the new releases coming from PlantHaven.

Among the many highlights were low water use current and future WATERSAVER™ Program candidates. Dedicated trials like this, mimicking nursery growing conditions, are the best way to assess a variety of new crops at one time.

Join us next year for another instructive and revealing trials. Come see what will be the new hot plant from PlantHaven!

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