PlantHaven Family – HMA Plants

PlantHaven Family – HMA Plants

HMA Plants® has been in the business for over 20 years. Floraplant SA de CV has been in business for over 25 years. HMA and Floraplant have been partners for over 10 years. Experience and commitment to the long term are hallmarks of HMA Plants.

With an expansive broker network HMA Plants has a wide reach. Established and growing HMA Plants launched its first CAST site this spring to great success.

A reliable production facility for PlantHaven products like Dahlia Mystic Wonder and the ever popular Vinca Illumination. With over 130 perennial varieties currently and adding new ones continually HMA is always expanding its portfolio.

HMA Plants-Team members Mexico - 2016

Teamed with an excellent, experienced staff in Ohio providing responsive, professional service. HMA Plants boasts a great team and a positive company culture. PlantHaven values HMA Plants as a partner in today’s dynamic and ever changing marketplace.

HMA Plants - team members Ohio - 2016

» Dahlia Mystic Wonder

» Vinca Illumination

Vinca Minor Ilumination-HMA Plants - 2016